Cold Brew Coffee – handmade with passion and love

As a highly passioned, long experienced coffee expert with excellence, Carlo spends every year a lot of time to find the right green coffee beans for your Cold Brew Coffee Essence. Cold Brew Coffee Essence is the base for refreshing, caffeinated drinks by Carlo’s Coffee from Central Switzerland. Taste is absolutely important for him and his drink. For the edition of this year a specific lot of Ethiopian fully washed Arabica type Sidamo Grade 2 has qualified best. The green beans are grown organically and Fairtrade certified. Many coffees with fancy names and stories simply didn't make it.
After roasting the beans with a specifically developed process they receive plenty of time to rest and finalize development. Before extraction begins the roasted beans are ground. The extraction is done with cold, filtered, soft water for a long period of time.
100 % natural, no additives
Gentle cold extraction creates much less acidity and bitterness, hence no sugar is necessary in the final beverage. The flavor is pronounced, long lasting and completely different compared to espresso or filter coffee.
"Flavor characteristics are dark chocolate and "hints" of mango, papaya, bergamot" Carlo Delfs
Due to the long extraction process and the fact that Carlo’s Coffee is produced as an essence (concentrate), the caffeine content is high. Caffeine is positive for your health when consumed responsibly. It makes you awake and increases your attention, your ability to concentrate and your short-term memory.
100ml of the essence have a caffeine content of 240mg. The EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) recommends a maximum intake of 400mg of caffeine per day for adults.
Overwhelming, extraordinary taste sensations: mild, aromatic, awake

Ready to mix: recipes

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Carlo’s Coffee – the one and only Cold Brew Coffee Essence in Switzerland

Feel free to create lots of different drinks.

  • individual
  • fast
  • refreshing
  • energizing