Do you speak Coffee?

Woody, flowery, fruity – we talk about coffee. The determination of a correct taste is based on intensive training and long experience. Sense of Coffee teaches the language which is used by the coffee industry worldwide.


Analyse, taste, evaluate.

Sense of Coffee tests and describes green and roasted coffees for exporters, trading houses, roasters, marketing and research & development according to specific attributes.

Cold Brew Coffee Essence

Cold Brew Coffee was developed by the dutch in the 16th. century. Since 2010 it gained extreme popularity in the US. The African green coffee beans for our cold brew concentrate are very carefully selected and specially roasted. Brewed overnight, our concentrate develops it's distinct flavor, resulting in low acidity, no bitterness and a very special aroma. Preferably it's mixed with good water or a blend of water and good milk, more news coming soon!


In our shop we are offering "Carlo's coffee" products manufactured in our nano roasting plant. Most of the products are produced to order. A lot of experience and the passion for coffee is driving us forward. All orders from 1 liter and above will be delivered free of charge to your home within the canton of Zug in Switzerland.